Okay so Jr is still breastfeeding and I love it BUT, how do I get him into table food?!?
All he eats is the gerber baby food, step 2. He doesn’t know how to chew!

Help with yalls experiences please and thank you!

Jr’s birthday party is tomorrow! I’m going to take lots of pictures:)

No latches for car seat in car..

So I got a 2000 ford explorer and it doesn’t have those latches installed in the car for Jr’s car seat. Obviously this is an older car lol.

Dealership said that they will install them if we buy some but I have no idea where to buy them.

Any idea where to get them?

What type of birth control would y’all recommend?

I want to wait at least 3 to 4 years. And I’m terrible at taking a pill every day. Miguel won’t be getting out till next year so I have some time to think about it but I’d rather get on birth control at least 2 months before he comes out so I can see how my body takes it. Thanks in advance!

I also changed my instagram name

It use to be babyjunior13 but now it’s _babyjunior13 

Same thing just add the underscore before babyjunior13.

Follow me ladies. I love seeing yalls babies grow and I don’t get on tumblr much.

Well last Thursday (2/20/14) I told my dad about Jr. My mom, jr and I went to his house and him and his girlfriend was there. Well I went good but the next day, my dads dumb ass girlfriend texted my mom saying that she should’ve told my dad that I was pregnant. Well, now we aren’t talking again. His girlfriend fucked it up. Again. I’m not gonna get mad or sad about it though. He hasn’t been around for a while anyway. I just thought it would be nice to have a relationship but obviously his girlfriend doesn’t want that and my dad basically picks her so it’s okay.



2crunchymommies How to tell if your amber is real. Sinks in fresh water, but floats in salt. :) I bought mine locally, but I have friends who have ordered from http://hazelaid.com and theirs are 100% gorgeous and 100% real. :D

Thank you!!!! :)))

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Happy valentines day tumblr! I hope everyone has a good day. I will try to update more often. I deleted my tumblr app though and now my phone is out of memory so I can download itagain😔 I’ll try to see what I can do though lol. Hope everyone is doing good.

Deleting my app for Tumblr

Well everyone, I guess I am now going to be off for a while. I come and go so I won’t delete. I am deleting my Tumblr app from my phone now. I just have a lot going on and need a break from tumblr at least. I will still be on instagram though. Don’t be shy because I want to see yalls babies grow also! :) You can add me @babyjunior13 

I love y’all and take care!