Can you take your nap already peanut head?

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A breast is a breast and a nipple is a nipple. We all have ‘em, people. Obscenity is dependent upon the viewer of the object - not the object itself.

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I forgot to share on here that my big boy is finally sleeping in his crib!

Till 3, sometimes 5 a.m. but it’s a start. Soon he’ll sleep the whole night in it.

So many of you are having baby number two now and I’m just here with my peanut head lol. Miguel is still talking about baby number two but I’m iffy about it. I wish I knew someone around age 35 that had only one kid so I could ask how it is. I just want to know…

On a side note I am starvingggggggggggggg. But Jr is asleep so I have to wait.


I always read FAQ as fack and I don’t plan on changing this

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The thing you craved or are currently craving during your pregnancy! I’ll start.

Chicken! Lots and lots of chicken, and hot dogs with nacho cheese, jalapeños, and bacon bits!

I craved Mexican food! That’s all I wanted.

Tacos, pasta and Korean food!

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