After getting it did you experience any vaginal burning sensation or anthing?

I just got Nexplanon almost a week ago and i have noticed that I have a burning sensation down there when I pee. Not ever time when I pee but ever time I wipe, it hurts.

I know I should just adk the doctor but I’m asking for opinions first.

Also, before I got it, 3 days before, I took antibiotics for a yeast infection so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.


I’m doing pretty good! I just got the Nexplanon birth control so no more babies for 3 years and possibly ever. I’m not wanting any more kids for a while. Most likely, Jr MIGHT be my last child lol. I can’t tell the future though.

Miguel and I…aren’t that good right now. The way he is talking sounds like he really isn’t ready to stop with his bad habits. And I think his mom has a lot to do with it. I’m not going to talk to much about that yet though because I don’t even know what’s going to happen. All I have to say is that I am not going to have Jr around that shit. I stopped my bad ways. Why can’t he? I love him and want us to be a family but I’m not going to risk loosing Jr for that. I can’t. No matter how hard it’s going to be and how bad it’s going to hurt. It would be 100,000,000× worst to loose Jr. I just hope he grows up and stops thinking like this. You can’t get money the wrong way all your life. You can’t change a person though. They can only change themselves. And I hope he does that not only for me but our son. This shit has my heart aching because I know it can’t be that hard to change. No matter where you come from. I came from the bottom but look where I am now. I have my beautiful son, work for my money, no drugs or alcohol. I just don’t understand.. Fuck.

Well anywaysssss, peanut head is doing wonderful! Growing and growing every day:) The past few days he gives me about 80 kisses on my cheek and shoulder lol. I love it though! I’m not sure how tall he got or weight because his pediatrician went on maternity leave so they’re waiting on the pediatrician (that will be there until she comes back) to give them a schedule. Once I think about it I need to call tomorrow because he needs his 18 month check up! We’re also STILL breastfeeding! I love it but it’s hard when I work late and he wakes up crying for the boob while my mom is with him. I’ve started giving him his milk in a bottle lately though and he doesn’t go to sleep with a boob in his mouth like usual lol.

Mhmm..I think that is pretty much it:) sorry I kinda vented about Miguel. This shit just hurts but I’m trying to stay strong about it and prepare for the worst outcome..



Actually real women don’t judge others for what they do with their own bodies and uplift one another instead of putting them down.

Nice try though..

Wait, I’m not a real woman?! What am I then? Has my whole life been a lie??




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"A cesarean is not a failure on a mother’s part. A cesarean, no matter what we think of them in the natural birth community, is still birth. It is still child being born and a woman becoming a mother." (via Cesarean Birth on via pintrest)

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Last night was the worsttttt night everrrrr with Jr.

He’s sick as a puppy and it’s so terrible. His throat is itchy and his cough is really bad and then his nose is so stuffed up. He was also kinda running a fever.

My poor baby. Now we’re here laying down at 11 because he didn’t sleep at all last night and I’m just gonna try and comfort him😢

And tonight I have an event to go to….

"I am a Mother. Despite my age, My ethnic background, My Financial Stability, My opinions and views, My religion, My Weight, My appearance, My mistakes, and My Past. I dreamed of you, I created you and I made you. I am a Mother, and I will always love you."

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